Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner

Owner Qualifications

​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are a number of eligibility criteria and qualifications a property owner must meet prior to receiving disaster recovery assistance.  The minimum qualifications criteria have been established by the Land Office.  The property owner begins the process for qualification and requesting assistance through an application submission.    ​

Individual owners with fee simple title to the property are eligible to participate.
Child Support
All applicants and co-applicants must be current on payments for child support. If the applicant or co-applicant is not current on child support, that member will be required to enter into a payment plan.
Duplication of Benefits
The disaster recovery funds are supplemental to primary forms of assistance, including private insurance and FEMA funds. The Stafford Act prohibits entities, including households, from receiving disaster recovery funding for a loss which has previously received financial assistance from any source. DOB verification and analysis ensures that program funds compensate applicants for damages and needs that have not been addressed by an alternate source, either through funding or assistance. Read More...
The owner of the property may not be “debarred” from the federal and state debarment lists, in accordance with 24 CFR §570.609, as well as other applicable laws.
Promissory Note
If the applicant qualifies for disaster recovery assistance and has been awarded funding, there are conditions placed on the applicant receiving the assistance. The conditions are outlined in an unsecured forgivable promissory note that is executed by the applicant.