Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner


​​Operations are recurring​ tasks that support the running of the program.  These activities by the subrecipient or its designees will allow the program to achieve and maintain efficiency.   ​

Intake Application
Builder Assignment
The subrecipient should develop a builder assignment methodology that meets state and federal procurement requirements and also features controls that will ensure quality construction. A qualified pool of builders should be assembled in accordance with Section 3 standards. The builders will bid on a standardized set of plans and specifications developed by the subrecipient. Because the same set of plans can be used for many homes, the subrecipient realizes an efficiency over holding bids on each home built.​ Read More...
Construction Management
Construction management is usually performed by an outside service provider in order to verify the builder's construction quality. The construction management process includes overseeing the builders, managing builder assignment, verifying construction draws, and performing inspections to verify that the builder's progress warrants payment.​​ Read More...
The construction manager will conduct regular inspections and will base the schedule on the extent of the construction being done. The builder requests inspections when each phase of construction is complete. Inspections often include documenting the progress through photographs and verifying code compliance and building permits. If building deficiencies are discovered, the inspector informs the builder of the defect and waits for the builder to request a re-inspection before processing payment.
Long-term compliance