Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner


​​Securing funding is the first step to participate in the program.  Funding is secured through an application process submitted to the Land Office.  Once the application is reviewed by the Land Office for eligibility, a contract with the Land Office is executed that awards and allocates funds.​

An application is developed by the Land Office for the subrecipient to officially request funding. The subrecipient may be allocated an amount of program funds through a method of distribution at either the regional level or by the State’s Action Plan. The application serves as a tool where the subrecipient outlines budget, the number of beneficiaries the subrecipient intends to serve, and the area(s) where the subrecipient will serve. The application is reviewed by the Land Office for program eligibility.​
The contract with the Land Office sets the terms and conditions of the funds. The contract outlines the performance statement, budget, implementation schedules, and the contract’s start and end dates. Changes may be made to the contract due to changes that may occur during the implementation of the projects.​​