Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner

Homeowner Opportunity Program

​​​​​​The Homeowner Opportunity Program (HOP) is the housing program which qualified homeowners may elect to relocate.  The program allows for the homeowner to purchase an existing home or vacant lot to build a new home.   The homeowner’s damaged property is demolished and the vacant lot ownership is transferred from the homeowner.  This opportunity is only available to homeowners that live within designated areas.   A process has been developed in order to efficiently relocate homeowners that elect to participate. ​

HOP Program Options
If the applicant’s home is beyond repair and has to be reconstructed and other criteria have been met, the applicant has the option to rebuild in place or relocate to higher opportunity area. The HOP program options outline the opportunities available to the applicant.
Mobility Counseling
Mobility counseling is a service available for applicants that qualify for the HOP program. A mobility counselor serves as a point of contact for the applicant as the applicant navigates through the process. Mobility counselors provide additional information to the applicant to assist in decision-making.
Real Estate Transaction
If an applicant has elected to relocate, the applicant has the option to purchase an existing home or purchase a vacant lot to construct a new home. A real estate professional is assigned to the applicant to view properties. A real estate transaction process has been developed to purchase properties.