Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner


​Thoughtful program design is essential to successful implementation of the program.  The development of guidelines, needs assessments, building standards and assessing both administrative and construction capacity are some of the design activities that must be complete in order to get the program up and running.​

Housing Guidelines
Housing program guidelines are developed that expand upon the Land Office’s Action Plan. The guidelines provide operational details on the program's eligibility requirements, reporting requirements, timelines, housing assistance caps and other program requirements. Read More...
Needs Assessment
A needs assessment is conducted to determine the types of programs that will be offered and the needs assessment will become the basis for program design. The needs assessment determines the activities to be offered, the demographics to receive concentrated attention and the target areas to be served
Construction Standards
Building standards are established to ensure housing is constructed in accordance with federal, state, and local housing quality requirements. Standardized plans and specifications facilitate efficient construction of quality housing within the programs funding limitations. Building standards and specifications are established prior to builder procurement.
Vendor and Builder Procurement
The subrecipient may need additional resources to operate and administer the program. Federal, state, and local procurement must be followed to hire outside contractors or vendors.