Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Engineering services for non-housing projects are provided by the Land Office's contracted engineers or by grantees providing its own engineering services.  The engineering provider is responsible for the development of the project design, meeting milestone design submittals, bid advertisement and bid package, construction change orders, as-built drawings, and certificate of construction completion.  Many of these tasks and supporting documentation are tracked and approved through the Land Office's Texas Recovery System (T-RecS).  The following are general requirements, please refer to the Land Office issued work order for specifics.

Milestone Design Submittals

The engineer provider submits the following design submittal to the Land Office to meet design milestones.

  • 30% Design Submittal
  • 100% Design Submittal
Stakeholder Meetings
  • 30% Design Submittal Coordination Meeting
    • This coordination meeting with the Land Office, the engineer provider, the grantee, the grant administrator, and the environmental service provider is to open the communication lines between the environmental service provider and engineer provider.  The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the environmental service provider is clear on the project location, projects scope, and any other aspects of the project. The need for environmental permits required for environmental review record clearance will be indentified to the best extent possible in this meeting.
  • Pre-Procurement Meeting
    • The pre-procurement meeting provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss project issues and allows any concerns or clarifications to be addressed before the project proceeds to procurement and contract award.
Bid Package and Bid Advertisement 
The engineer provider may prepare the bid package for the construction projects and provide the procurement forecasts to the Land Office.  The engineer providers ensures that the bid package includes Labor Standard, Section 3, and all other federal requirements.  A copy of the bid advertisement is submitted to the Land Office.

Construction Change Orders
The engineer provide ensure that work proposed through change orders meets all eligibility and budgetary requirements. 
Construction Milestones

The Land Office coordinates with the engineer provider to forecast, verify, and report the occurrence of construction milestones in T-RecS.
  • Start of Construction
  • Construction at 50%
  • Construction at 100%

As-Built Drawings

The engineer provider submits to the Land Office as-built drawings at the completion of project construction.  As-built drawings submission must include the following:

  • As-Built Letter of Certification signed by a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) and/or Licensed Architect (AIA)
  • As-Built drawings are signed and sealed and identified as "As Built or Record Drawings"
  • As-Built drawings match the most current version of the Grantee's contract performance statement
Certification of Construction Completion
​The engineer provider certifies that the construction project has been completed and submits to the Land Office the Certification of Construction Completion.

Billing Milestones

The engineer provider submits invoices to the Land Office in accordance with the project budget by activity and limitations on the progress billing milestones outlined in the work order.